Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Early Childhood Resources Preschool and Daycare Furniture

Given the current state of the economy, everyone is looking for a deal.   Most daycare and preschool childcare providers are looking for affordable ways to cut costs while at the same time providing an ideal; stimulating environment for the kids they care for.  Children's Organizers makes it a top priority to sell quality daycare and preschool furniture at a discount.  

One of our most popular manufacturers, Early Childhood Resources, has made this goal much easier for us by providing well-constructed furniture that is ready-to-assemble.  Ready to assemble means lower costs to the user because the items ship flat which means substantially reduced shipping costs.  Who wouldn't rather put additional dollars into additional equipment as opposed to shipping?  They make it super easy to put their items together (easy; clear instructions); so for a little extra effort, you can see dramatic savings.

Early Childhood Resources® is committed to  developing and distributing only the highest quality furniture, classroom equipment, and art products

Also, Early Childhood Resources offers a "Quality Satisfaction Guaranteed" promise. You can trust the quality and safety of their furniture and materials. This gives each consumer the peace of mind that their products are built to last. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality and workmanship of their products, they will replace the item or refund the sale.

One example of a product that you can save a lot of money on by shopping at Children's Organizers, is Early Childhood Resources Fold-n-Lock 24" high storage cabinet which Children's Organizers sells for 31% off the suggested price.  These units often carry a high price tag.  We offer it for an affordable $289.95, much lower than our competitors.  Fold-n-Lock storage cabinets are gaining in popularity as classroom are consolidated, and space is an issue.  It's also beneficially to be able to lock the cabinet, which enables you to protect your valuables.  Fold-n-Locks are also available in 30" high cabinets as well as 36" high cabinets.
At Children's Organizers, in addition to providing discount children's furniture, our shipping calculator, which is located on every single product page on our site, allows our customers to calculate shipping before adding an item to the cart.  Also, you pay exact UPS shipping charges based on your location in the United States. 

If you are a daycare or preschool provider and are looking for multiple items to add to your facility, be sure to call us before you place an order.  We offer discounts for larger orders, and we're always here to help you make decisions regarding your purchase.  Purchase orders are also accepted.  We require a faxed request to 800-510-9860.